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The Zurich showroom: open to you, open to its surroundings

Our showroom has been present on the map of Stuttgart for several years. Now, Minimalistic, futuristic, hi-end. Seemingly conflicting ideas allowed us to create a coherent concept of the Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co showroom in Zurich. Applying the principles of minimalism, we wanted to focus on what is essential. With the use of simple forms and functional design, a high-end interior was created, equipped with the best products of our brands.

The showroom is situated in the Torro 1 office complex, located in a strong industrial setting. In order to achieve a symbiosis with the surroundings, we introduced materials such as concrete, glass and steel to the interior. Raw interiors became the perfect background for the exposition of our furniture and carefully selected accessories.

It could be said that the showroom’s space is double-open. Floor-to-ceiling glazing on the two longest sides of the interior creates a feeling of openness and a feeling as if there were no borders between the interior and exterior of the showroom. Plants from outside the window, visually peeks inside. Implementation of pot trees in the showroom makes the boundaries of this place completely blur.

There are no fixed walls in the interior itself. The functional zones are delimited naturally, through various types of partitions and smart selection of colours. Wooden laths or standalone walls are not only functional, but also decorative.

In quite raw interiors with muted colours, we placed some eye-catching gems. While visiting the creative zone, some may be surprised by the use of a motif known from Michelangelo's iconic piece "Creation" or the use of a carpet designed by an acclaimed fashion designer - Christian Lacroix. The elements inspired by the art gallery also include our Sileo Levels panels, which have been perfectly arranged in a wooden frame. Nothing in left to chance here. Even more functional elements, such as sound-absorbing panels, are presented in a form of pure elegance.

Showroom as seen by the designer

– “The showroom in Zurich reflects a new approach to work that focuses on employee happiness, well-being, integration and community. Open space is designed to support partnership and give a sense of freedom and openness to others. The spaces flow smoothly from one to the other, reflecting shared DNA, built on the four keywords: 'Minimal, Industrial, Hackable, Domestic'. The interior encourages collaboration, inclusivity and diversity at every opportunity” – says Marcin Magier, the chief designer of the project.

Marcin Magier

The space is divided into thematic zones. You will find a number of inspiring products and ready arrangements for:

  • reception and representative spaces in the company - Kusch+Co products such as V-Travel or Creva will work perfectly here,

  • office café and places where the team spirit is created - Embla chairs, soft sofas from the Creva Soft, Play&Work or Tepee lines, comfortable Lupino and Tilkka armchairs,

  • places to work together, where you can sit on a Creva hocker at the Comta High Table,

  • conference rooms for important meetings, equipped with a Sitag Inline table and Lupino armchairs with a leather finish,

  • workplaces where ergonomics reigns – i.a. Xilium and Sitag Team chairs, height-adjustable desks and Sileo acoustic solutions,

  • managerial offices – equipped with Sitag Inline desk, Sitag Team chair and Colani armchair,

  • design spaces where imagination has no limits - furniture from the Creva line: table, bench and stools, plus a rack full of samples of our finishes.

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Brown-Boveri-Str. 5

8050 Zürich-Oerlikon

tel. +41 (0) 44 863 72 72


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Brown-Boveri-Str. 5
8050 Zurich-Oerlikon
T +41 (0) 44 863 72 72

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