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OfficeTelling – what does your office say about you?

The impact of global trends on office trends is undeniable. Being familiar with the multitude of ideas pervading our offices is key to creating an optimal working environment. OfficeTelling is a less known but very inspiring trend which, when appropriately planned and correctly implemented, has a radical impact on the company’s image and perception in the business environment. Use it to your advantage!

Global trends vs. office trends

We live in an era when everything and everyone follows trends. Consciously or unconsciously, every individual is prone to their influence. We exist in a specific socio-cultural-economic sphere which constantly shapes and moulds us. Within this unique space, one can identify technological trends, fashion trends, healthy lifestyle trends and many, many more. Offices are not immune to this tendency, and they are also affected by global trends in their office-oriented versions. For example, the idea of sharing economy is found in the office as desk sharing, and the idea of wellness – maintaining the balance of body, mind and spirit – appears in various forms of office wellbeing. Examples are plenty. Considering that we spend almost half of our time at the office, it is a good idea to have a closer look at the trends that surround us. The situation in offices is quite comfortable in that we have control over what trends we implement in our working environment. Decision-makers have the option of choosing trends that complement the company’s image and organizational structure, business profile, core values and a wide array of other elements specific to a given organization. 

Story Telling vs Office Telling

One of the office trends featuring a number of inspiring components and values is OfficeTelling, which has its foundations in storytelling. What exactly is storytelling? Storytelling refers to the marketing strategy which is based on telling intriguing stories about a promoted product, service or place – and a way of building relationships and creating experiences by drawing on mechanisms found in literary and film narratives. Storytelling is very widely used nowadays in advertising, marketing and sales. Based on storytelling, we create emotions related to a given product, service, event or person. The strategy is designed to arouse our interest, inspire and motivate us, and in the long run turn us into loyal ambassadors of a particular brand. The two main goals of storytelling are to create positive emotions towards a product or service, and to build relationships with the recipients of communication. The key factor in developing a storytelling message is authenticity.

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Office Telling

OfficeTelling focuses on creating positive emotions towards the office where we work. The office can communicate a plethora of messages. Their selection depends on the content we want to convey and the intended function of the message. The catalogue of functions is open. For example, we can communicate the company’s core values in order to give employees a sense of belonging based on a set of commonly held principles. We can tell the company’s story, highlighting its origins, the stages it has gone through and the goal towards which it directed. It is a great opportunity to show our achievements to visiting customers or business partners. We can also bring into focus what the company does, and highlight its products or services to show that we are not only experts in our field but, above all, we are enthusiastic about what we do.

The possibilities are practically limitless – the only limit is your imagination. There is just one element determining whether the story incorporated into our office performs its function properly: authenticity. This can be achieved in only one way: by implementing our project in close cooperation with employees. By involving them in the process in a variety of ways (collecting their feedback about OfficeTelling via surveys, organizing workshops devoted to designing new space, informing them about all stages of project implementation), we can ensure a high level of staff satisfaction with the final result and a stronger sense of belonging to the company. Consequently, employees will have only positive opinions about the project.

OfficeTelling as a tool of employer branding

The office can tell different stories fulfilling a variety of functions. However, all OfficeTelling initiatives share one common effect: a tangible employer branding benefit, both internally and externally. We live in an era when 63% of applicants seek information about companies via business and employment-oriented services (Golden Line 2017)1 and 51% among their friends (Golden Line 2017)2, so employer branding really grows in importance. The battle for employees grows in intensity, and office space becomes one of the main battlefields. When the decision is made to relocate to a different facility or perform a thorough rearrangement of the current office space, take note that this is a moment that can – and should – be used in communicating with the business environment. In addition, it is a fantastic opportunity to enhance the sense of belonging among the company’s employees. When designing a new space, remember that in addition to being visually appealing and functional, it must also communicate the things that we care about the most. 


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Trends in the office

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