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To sit or to STAND?

Employers are becoming increasingly aware that their employees’ health and well-being are resources that are just as precious as their qualifications, knowledge of foreign languages and time. Since the work environment exerts a significant impact on people’s health, it is necessary to think about how to arrange and equip an office properly.

One of the factors that is most harmful to people’s health is a sedentary lifestyle. Specialists warn that a sitting posture causes vascular and metabolic diseases to develop. What’s more, when people do not get enough exercise, they put on weight more easily, which puts pressure on their joints and bones [1]. A very common complaint is pain in the lumbar part of the spine, which can be extremely annoying and prevents employees from working efficiently. A lack of exercise also increases stress levels, which causes many dangerous illnesses. However, there is a simple solution that can significantly increase work comfort – sit-to-stand desks. They allow employees to change their body position more frequently, regardless of the type of tasks they perform at any given moment. The desks differ from each other in terms of their adjustment range and functionality. We encourage you to discover the solutions we offer and choose the ones you consider best for you and your company.



Desks with height adjustment – both single desks and workbench workstations – are elements of the Red Dot award-winning Play&Work system, designed by WertelOberfell studio. The most characteristic features of the system are the unique round legs, metal and upholstered panels, and accessories that reference the Bauhaus style. The panels can be fitted with a full range of functional and colourful accessories, such as a pencil box, a binder shelf, magnetic boards or a headphones hanger. All these details add exceptional character to any interior and create a friendly work environment. The height of the Play&Work desks can be adjusted manually – using a ratchet system or a crank – or electrically. With manual adjustment using a ratchet system, the height range is 650–890 mm, and with a crank, the height range is 650–1050 mm. With electric adjustment, the height range is larger – up to 1300 mm. It is possible to change the top adjustment in workbench workstations electrically or manually, using a crank. The height ranges are the same as with desks. Vertical and horizontal cable management is an important element of the Play&Work system design. It is made of Blazer or Synergy fabric and available in a wide range of colours. It helps keep the space neat and tidy, as well as giving the interior a more aesthetically pleasing look.



Sit-to-stand desks from the Xio Motion line have four types of top adjustment that differ in height range: a ratchet system (650–880 mm), a crank (650–990 mm), pneumatic (700–1200 mm) and electric (650–1300 mm). To increase the functionality of a workstation, it is possible to fit the desks with upper panels made of an aluminium frame and upholstered filling. The organiser strip attached to the panels helps employees assemble their accessories and keep their workstations in perfect order, with elements such as a computer screen hanger, a pencil box, LED lamps and document shelves. Lower panels are also available in metal and glass versions, which are aesthetically pleasing. They are most frequently used in freestanding managerial desks. Another interesting solution from the Xio Motion line is a drawer assembled under the desktop, which comes with or without a lock. The Xio Motion line offers a wide range of solutions that facilitate the arrangement of cables: a cable tray (pivoting or double-sided open), a cable sock (assembled to the fixed part of the desk column with magnetic tape), five types of cable outlets, and the Netbox Focus media port.

Time efficiency


We often suffer from a lack of time and therefore need quick and simple solutions. A big advantage of the SitagActive Liftmatic desk is that it is easy and fast to fold – it takes less than a minute! All you have to do is fold and protect the legs, put the top on a metal structure and fix it in place – no tools are needed. The desk comes as standard with a sliding top, which guarantees easy access to the cable tray. Thanks to its elegant and minimalist design, the desk is a perfect match for any interior. It is worth noting the quality of the materials used – the desktop is made of melamine double-faced chipboard with a laser rim finish. The height of the SitagActive Liftmatic desk is adjusted pneumatically in the range 690–1180 mm. The GS certificate confirms its safety of use. 

Ergonomics and economy


The idea behind the eModel desk was to create an ergonomic workstation that would be cost effective for companies. It is a simple and fully functional sit-to-stand solution, available with a fixed or telescopic tribune. The desk with a fixed frame can be adjusted manually with a crank (in the range: 630–980 mm) or electrically (in the range: 630–1290 mm). The height of the desktop based on a telescopic frame can be adjusted with an electronic control panel (in the range: 620–1280 mm). In this case, the desktop can be 1200 to 2000 mm wide, depending on the client’s preferences and the space available. If needed, the desktop can be replaced easily without the need to purchase a new base. The wiring is fixed under factory conditions, and another advantage of this desk model is its compact packaging. Upholstered panels and pivoting metal cable trays complement the eModel line.

An article originally published in the "Up^Stream" magazine (02/2018). 

[1] Habuz, M. (2015). Konsekwencje stojącej pracy – usiądziesz z wrażenia? http://biotechnologia.pl/zdrowie-i-uroda/konsekwencje-stojacej-pracy-usiadziesz-z-wrazenia,15464 (22.12.16). 

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