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Functionality meets aesthetics - our new showroom in Budapest

A light, spacious, raw interior dominated by concrete, glass and steel. Our new showroom in Budapest – minimalist and cold at first glance, it will grab your attention and hold it as you go. As you explore it, you will discover coherent levels of the project. Functionality, craft paired with art, carefully selected products and unique accessories. Visit our new showroom in Budapest, where functionality meets aesthetics. 

Zoning in practice – showroom full of life

The newly opened showroom is located on the 10. floor of the main office building in Agora Budapest – the business centre in the capital of Hungary, near Vaci ut. And it’s not just a product exposition. It’s a space full of life and a workplace of our Hungarian team.


– When we invite our clients to visit us, we want to show them how we work and how this space supports us in our everyday tasks. Our guests can see how zoning works in practice. In this showroom we present zones designed for formal meetings – the Buda and Pest rooms – as well as a large open kitchen with a cafeteria, a lounge with a beautiful view of the city, closed working rooms, a focus room and a space for brainstorming. But there’s more to this place than the idea and beautiful interior – we would like to showcase the ergonomic and reliable products by Nowy Styl, which are put to the test on an everyday basis as we use them in our work. And we would like to invite our guests to do the same – come here and see how we focus on the ergonomics and precise craftsmanship. Feel free to test our chairs and other furniture – says Patrik Wasilewski, commercial director at Nowy Styl Hungary.

Showroom Budapest

Functionality comes first

When arranging an office space you are often faced with the dilemma: functionality or design? How should you balance these two, so that your office attracts attention and makes a lasting impression as the image associated with your business?


– When designing the new showroom in Budapest we were trying to combine both aspects, but functionality was our number one priority. In this case, form follows the function. Aesthetics is important, but the crucial thing is whether the office supports us in our everyday efforts, whether it’s a comfortable place to work and focus, but also to be inspired and creative – says Marcin Magier, the author of the interior concept in the Budapest showroom.

Showroom Budapest

Raw interior – perfect background to showcase our products

Concrete, glass, metal elements or industrial ceiling complete with expanded metal mesh. The interior designer opted for a raw base, which is supposed to become the background for the display of our products. The colour scheme of the interior is based on muted shades of grey and white. This is not to say the place lacks expression -  the lounge zone is arranged in blue to match the painting on the wall, and the workshop is yellow to boost creativity.


– Thanks to a comprehensive approach to the interior arrangement process and considerable attention to detail, the Budapest showroom has a unique, inimitable character. This character is expressed in carefully selected finishes, lighting options, but also a variety of colours, forms and textures, which serve to create an unforgettable atmosphere. In this case, the design was focused on functionality and simple forms. Smooth transition between white and warm greys, complete with wooden details, was intended as a suitable background for eye-catching furniture. In Budapest you can see such pieces as e.g. the Colani armchair with its rich, textured Coda 2 by Kvadrat upholstery, or armchairs from the Creva line, with luxurious Grain Leather Cinnamon finish – explains Marcin Magier, designer and fit-out engineer at Nowy Styl.

It’s a space for you

This showroom is our workplace, but also a perfect place to meet and work with our clients. We also want it to support architects, who may be interested in exploring the range of products and solutions by Nowy Styl. Our business partners can now test and discuss their ideas on the area of almost 500m2. Our guests can use all the zones, test our products and work in the creative zone with a large table, fabric samples and finishes. Our team is here for you – we will happily share our knowledge and experience with you and help you choose the best furniture and acoustic solutions.

Showroom Budapest

Why is it a good idea to visit the Nowy Styl showroom in Budapest? 

  • A space full of office inspirations – come and see the latest furniture solutions designed for various activity zones.
  • Office zones in practice – we will tell you , why we decided to arrange and divide the space the way we did. Every detail  matters and nothing is left to chance.
  • A paradise for architects – the design zone, including a high project table and a rack with samples and finishes, where you can mix and match, test and try, and be inspired – or just have fun playing with colours and textures.
  • A team of experts – a single place to meet with the whole team, who will help you arrange your own office space.
Nowy Styl Showroom Budapeszt

See here for more photos of the showroom


See you in Agora Budapest!

Nowy Styl Hungary Zrt.

Váci út 116-118.

Agora Tower, 10. emelet

1133 Budapest


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