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Make your space responsible – what we specifically do for sustainability

As a company with an international presence, we believe in the idea of sustainability which guides us throughout all aspects of our business: from raw material sourcing, to production and supply chain management, to the reuse of worn-out products. Aware of the size and impact of Nowy Styl, for many years we have been trying to find an answer to the following question: what impact does our company have on health, environment, climate, as well as on workplace safety, education and culture?

That question is addressed in our 2018-2019 Sustainability Report

Nowy Styl issues sustainability reports every two years, and the present edition is the fourth such publication. For the past eight years, we have been continuously monitoring our impact on the broad environment, thoroughly and meticulously examining all areas of our business and setting ourselves new standards, for which we have accounted in the next reports.


We hope you enjoy the read!


With 130 pages prepared by several dozen people, the report is a comprehensive source of knowledge about our organisation. Issues addressed in the report include:

  • The company’s strategy in 2018-2019, including the rebranding process initiated in 2019, aimed at building a single, strong brand on the Polish market and international markets.

  • Development for the purposes of which the company has entered into a partnership with HNI Corporation, to come up with a joint offer for corporations operating globally.

  • Products offered by Nowy Styl, including product certificates and a number of product innovations that improve user health.

  • Services from A (needs analysis) to Z (project closure) provided to comprehensively supply new offices with necessary furniture.

  • Employment – Nowy Styl employees are different by their age, experience, knowledge, nature of the work performed, and often also by their culture, language and country of residence. These differences are a huge capital all our employees can benefit from, thanks to our key values. These values are: ambition, honesty, humbleness and tolerance.

  • Supply chain – the report describes in detail the full way from material purchase, to production, to distribution to customers. Nowy Styl works only with partners who run their businesses responsibly. To ensure that all suppliers comply with certain policies, we have introduced Nowy Styl Supplier Code: a global document applicable to all suppliers.


So what is Nowy Styl’s impact on...

… health?

Responsible. We put our users’ health first already at furniture design stage.



With the recommended standing time of two hours in mind, Nowy Styl designers have created the ergonomic desk eUP, featuring electric height adjustment to ensure the desk can be adjusted to a user’s standing position in seconds.

Nowy Styl office workers are in a special position, as they use their own products and services for eight hours every day. They work in spaces designed by the company’s architects and use furniture made in Nowy Styl’s factories. In this respect, taking care of the health of both our users and the company’s employees is a shared element of CSR.

Some of our innovations are the Duo-Back backrest which does not cause direct compression of vertebrae and discs, and reduces pressure on the spine by up to 50%, and the Xillium line of chairs which encourage daily exercise by allowing users to move on three planes.

To stay healthy, office workers should only sit for four out of the eight hours spent in the office. For best health, the rest of the time should be spent standing or walking.




… safety?

Responsible. Nowy Styl’s products meet the required safety standards, which has been confirmed by a number of certificates, approvals and reports from tests run by our in-house testing facility and certified external testing organisations.

As a manufacturing company, we attach great attention to the highest health and safety standards, which translates directly into the safety of our factory workers. Recently we celebrated another year without accidents in our factory in Jaslo.

For the health of factory workers, we train, implement collective safety measures, and equip employees with protective clothing, suitable footwear and protective equipment such as hearing protectors, glasses and masks.



… climate?

Responsible. In 2019, we implemented CO2 Performance Ladder, a Dutch sustainability support system aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. We meet all legal requirements for environmental protection.


Nowy Styl’s transport policy is to reduce space needed to transport products to a minimum, and to avoid empty runs. Our trucks have double decks, so products are placed on two levels and there is no need for big packaging to secure the goods. This solution also increases the load capacity for euro pallets by up to 63%, which contributes to cutting down exhaust emissions.

We care about the origin of the raw materials and consumables we use, making sure their extraction is sustainable and does not involve any violation of human rights. We reduce production waste, manufacturing in line with the circular economy model, which aims to reuse furniture which has been replaced with new after many years of service. For example, panels in the Tepee modular system are made from pressed felt, which is a 100% recycled material.


… local development?

Responsible. Nowy Styl is one of the biggest employers in the Podkarpacie region, with over 3,000 employees from Krosno, Jasło, Rzepedź and other local villages on the team. To give the local community an extra stimulus for development, Nowy Styl uses the services of local entrepreneurs – approximately 50% of the company’s suppliers come from Podkarpacie too.

The founders and owners of Nowy Styl, Adam and Jerzy Krzanowski, have endowed the Janusz Korczak Foundation, which has provided scholarships to support the development of talented children and young people in Podkarpacie since 2001. 

Nowy Styl is also one of the sponsors of the Siemacha Association, whose charity projects include Modern Children’s Home at Odporyszów near Tarnów. Nowy Styl has co-funded the construction of a football pitch for the children’s home, donated furniture for the facility and helps to set up various projects for the pupils, such as school outings and furnishings for a Culinary Academy.

A special event, held for the past 20 years, is a Charity Ball to which Nowy Styl invites kids from children’s homes, educational centres, care facilities, organisations working with the disabled and foster families. Every year, the ball has an interesting underlying theme which aims to bring out new passions in children and encourage them to develop. In 2018, the theme was tolerance, and in 2019 – the European Union.



… culture?

Responsible. As a patron of its educational and concert programmes, Nowy Styl has supported the work of the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice for the past six years. The company has helped to provide seats for the interiors of the impressive venue, and supported the organisation of courses which have benefited thousands of participants. Nowy Styl is also a co-organiser of the Young Arts Festival, which is part of the Emanacje festival. Young Arts hosts open concerts, workshops for young musicians from all over Poland and a variety of side events.



What will Nowy Styl’s impact be in the future?

Planned, controlled and reported, in other words – responsible. The present report includes the company’s commitments for 2020-2021, which Nowy Styl will account for scrupulously in its next sustainability report. Our plans include:

  • Further developing activities aimed at environmental protection, employment practices, raw material sourcing and business practices, which is to be confirmed by the award of a Gold medal under the Ecovadis assessment.

  • Analysing products to improve their ergonomics and impact on user wellbeing, which is to be confirmed by obtaining the Wellbeing Quality Certificate 2020.

  • Developing our offer for the healthcare segment, such as introducing antibacterial finishes and employee safety support products.

  • Developing an e-learning platform and online product training for employees and partners in countries of operation to optimise travel time and the number of travels, and thus reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Implementing the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 and certification at the Armchair and Chair Production Plant and the Office Furniture Factory, with workplace safety in mind.

  • Further developing good practices in the area of supply chain to prepare for the FEMB level and Mobelfakta certification process.

  • Increasing the share of green energy in the energy mix by 2025. Currently, the green energy share is at 9.8%, while in 2025 it is expected to reach up to 30% in the plants based in Poland - this process is to be implemented gradually, at a rate of at least 5% per year.

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 2.1% annually by 2025 - this goal is linked to the company’s annual turnover.

  • Building an energy-efficient warehouse with an area of 10,000 m2, meeting the energy-saving parameters (adequate thickness of walls and roof, LED lighting, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery).

  • Reducing CO2 emissions in international transport by expanding our fleet of natural gas-powered vehicles.

  • Reducing the volume of packaging materials in transport by delivering products using the BDF systems.

  • Continuing projects related to our commitment to the local development of Podkarpacie.

  • Increasing subsidies for the educational scholarships funded via the Janusz Korczak Foundation.


New challenges

The coming years are going to carry new challenges, as 2020 has brought about a dramatic change for businesses around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has forced rapid introduction of new solutions and given a new meaning to the term ‘safety’. Our 2018-2019 Sustainability Report was prepared in 2020, overshadowed by the pandemic, which can be seen as another warning sent to man by nature. This is how members of Nowy Styl’s management board have commented on this:


– We believe that our response to that warning should be an enhanced sustainable development policy, which is exactly about that: reducing and countering disastrous practices and implementing initiatives to protect our planet and its inhabitants. Therefore, we did our best not to lose sight of the idea of corporate responsibility even for a moment, even though those two years were a time of exceptionally hard work, which gave Nowy Styl a strengthened market position as an industry leader in comprehensive office and public space arrangement Adam Krzanowski, President of the Board, Nowy Styl.


Our CSR awards

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