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Puzlo. Oscar for the best supporting role

If there were Academy Awards for furniture, Puzlo lockers would come first as supporting actors. This is not to say their role is minor. On the contrary, this comparison emphasizes their significant role in the office setting.

Supporting heroes

Every year the Academy Awards ceremony attracts the attention of the whole world, because their significance is not limited only to the film industry. Every winner not only goes down in the history of cinema, but is also remembered as a persona in the history of culture as a whole. It is essential to highlight “every” winner, because there are quite a lot of them, in multiple categories. The announcement of the awards is always accompanied by considerable excitement. Since 1936 two awards in each edition go to supporting actors and actresses. This is how the Academy wishes to emphasize the fact that although it is the main role that is in the limelight, the artistic merit of a production is hardly ever the work of a single actor. It’s enough to look at the names on the list of winners in the category of supporting actors and actresses:  among actresses we have Meryl Streep (“Kramer vs Kramer”), Cate Blanchett (“Aviator”) or Penelope Cruz (“Viki, Cristina, Barcelona”). And you will definitely recognise five of the actors nominated for this edition of the Awards: Anthony Hopkins (“The Two Popes”), Tom Hanks (“A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood”), Joe Pesci (“Irishman”), Al Pacino (“Irishman”) and Brad Pitt (“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”). It is by no means a consolation prize, but a great success in its own right.

An office also needs a supporting role

The same goes for the office. When you look around, you will see that certain items of furniture draw your attention right away. If you consider our portfolio, these items would include designer chairs, furniture systems and sofas, which have already been noticed and received a few major awards in our industry. Some of these awards are even referred to as “designer Oscars” (Red Dot Design Award). We pride ourselves on these awards: we issue separate press releases to announce them to the world and we put a label on the relevant items to show this distinction. And we are right in doing so, because these items earned their reputation due to their unique properties. Unlike in the film industry, in the world of design nobody bothers to offer recognition to supporting roles. That’s a pity, because our portfolio includes a few items that could claim this award.


Keeping the right order to let the “stars” shine

Our number one in this category would definitely be Puzlo lockers. Just look at them – it’s a perfect example of a supporting actor. You use them every day to store things that would otherwise be lying around and making a mess of the leading actors in the office space – chairs or desks. And you have to admit that a mess would overshadow the “stars”. Thanks to Puzlo the leading actors of the office space can shine.

Building the office narrative

Now imagine you have guests in your office, e.g. clients. Puzlo will probably be one of the first items they notice. Since you have numerous setup options and a wide range of colour options, you can easily use these qualities to create the desired impression. This is the beginning of the narration. Other equipment will tell your guests the rest of the story.

Office dialogues

Since we mentioned dialogues, let’s return to the human world for a while. Employees are the actors in the office, and their work is like a film production. The key to success is communication between them. And this is where Puzlo comes in. It has a drop-box function, so that you can drop the mail for whoever is currently absent from the office, as well as the front, which can be used to write or post a note. It may seem trivial, but in practice these functions are very useful.


Skeleton in the cupboard

In a box office hit the characters must be unique. They may have different personalities, different outlook on life, specific problems, passions, pastimes and, last but not least, secrets. This privacy is the key reason why other characters or the audience may like them or not. And this privacy can remain hidden thanks to Puzlo. This is your piece of earth in a shared space. Maybe you keep a soft toy that has been with you for years and always helps you smile, even when the going gets tough? Or maybe a lava rock to remind you of the best holiday ever?  A photo of your cat, who is waiting for you to come home and rubbing against your legs?  Or maybe only some documents or a company laptop, which you don’t want to take home? Let’s face it, people could ask you about or comment on any of these things. On the other hand, Puzlo will never ask any questions or offer a judgemental opinion. It will only store your items and hide them away from the prying eyes. Your possessions are safe with it. And so are you.


In the end, there can be no doubt about that: every office needs supporting actors. And in this category the verdict of the jury is obvious: the award goes to Puzlo!

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