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It is our mission to equip offices and public spaces. By doing this properly, we generate value for society. We exert a positive influence on the health and well-being of the people who use our products. We also support clients in achieving their business aims. Our company employs  over 7000 people. We shape the local economy.

Our aims

Local communitiy

Our group of neighbours is growing. According to our motto “We think globally – act locally,” we try to make friends with every new community in which our company functions. We strive to ensure our operations do not upset the balance in these communities. We also use our potential to take part in shaping their future. We are greatly involved in social activities. For instance, we support the educational development of children and teenagers and support local cultural centres and the development of sport. We promote entrepreneurship and cooperate with schools and universities.

Our employees

We employ over 6,400 people in 16 countries. Our investment in the development of our employees, combined with their talent and engagement, has enabled us to become the third biggest office furniture manufacturer in Europe. People are the basis of our success, so we provide safe workstations, encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle and provide them with the right conditions for balancing their professional and private lives.

Our clients

When building relationships, we take care that they are permanent. We truly believe that responsible business partners are the basis of any company’s competitiveness and sustainable development. We create our products with this in mind. The safety, ergonomic, environmental and quality properties of our products are confirmed by our internal laboratories and by numerous certificates issued by external institutions. We invest in R&D. We implement constructional and organisational innovations regularly, so that our solutions can meet the constantly changing needs of business and the world.


We manage natural resources responsibly and strive to minimise our negative influence on the environment. We reduce our emission of pollutants into the air and water. We ensure the economical consumption of raw materials used in our production processes. We also aim to use our waste effectively. We operate according to the principles of the Environmental Management System (Integrated Management System Policy) based on the ISO 14001:2004 standard. We systematically control our suppliers’ observance of environmental standards.


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We consider our company an active player that is able to shape the world, so that it can become a friendly place for future generations. We are engaged in achieving four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030:

  • Good health and well-being
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Innovation and infrastructure
  • Responsible consumption and production

Ethical standards

In 2012, we joined the UN Global Compact initiative, which sets international standards for business responsibility. We committed to following 10 rules concerning human rights, labour standards, protection of the natural environment and anti-corruption, as well as striving for continuous development in these areas.

You can find all these rules in our strategic documents that make ethical standards binding inside our subsidiaries and in relations with our suppliers and partners uniform.


Sustainable manufacturing


Most of our devices used to purify gaseous substances have an efficiency of 99%, which means the quality of air emitted from our factories significantly exceeds the legal environmental requirements.


We purify 100% of the liquid waste we produce. We have our own treatment plants in Jasło and Rzepedź, where industrial wastewater is cleaned chemically, mechanically and biologically. The filtered water meets standards that allow it to be released into the groundwater.


We invest in energy-saving manufacturing technologies. Our machinery stock is made up of state-of-the-art equipment, which cuts down our energy consumption by as much as 70% as compared with traditional technologies.


We produce thermal energy from biomass. We burn wood waste and dust that make up the industrial waste generated in our factories. We process some of the waste to make composite boards, from which chair elements are later made.


We choose reliable sub-suppliers. We use EU Flower certified fabrics and recycled materials. We strive to use environmentally friendly materials that contain no harmful substances and have a limited impact on the environment as they degrade.


We recycle plastic to make components for our chairs. Armrests and bases for our chairs are made from regranulate produced in our plants. Regranulate is processed plastic we can reuse in the production process several times.

Product lifecycle – product for life

When we design new products, we take into account the influence they exert on the environment at each stage of their lifecycle. We check their durability and the possibility to recycle the materials they are made of. We ensure they offer diverse functionalities, since we know that universal products can be utilised for longer. We continue to optimise our transport and packaging systems in order to minimise their costs and environmental impacts.

Rafał Styrkosz
Product Support Manager

Raw materials

We offer our clients eco-friendly materials: FSC®-certified timber (FSC-C120977), bamboo (which can be quickly renewed), light cellular boards, and composite boards made of recycled materials. Our armrests and chair bases are made of plastic produced from regranulate; woollen upholsteries have Wools of New Zealand certificates, which guarantees sustainable sheep breeding; and our upholstery materials have the EU flower label. We recycle over 75% of the waste we produce on our own.

Furniture transportation

We optimise emissions from transporting our products: we use replaceable containers with a double floor, which allows us to increase the loading capacity of our trucks; some chairs are transported without packaging, while some are packed in L-shape cartons. In 2014–2015, we managed to increase the loading capacity of our trucks (from 33 to 55 pallets), thanks to BDF transport and a replaceable floor.

Responsible supply chain

We have over 2,500 suppliers from more than a dozen countries – these are a huge treasure, but also a great responsibility. In our purchasing policies and the “Nowy Styl Group Supplier Code of Conduct,” we define our minimum ethical, environmental and social standards. We follow them within our company and we also want our partners to do the same. We verify their compliance with these rules at the beginning of our cooperation and during periodical audits.

At the same time, we and our suppliers inspire each other and work together on new solutions that will allow all of us to reduce the negative influence we exert on the environment.

Human-friendly solutions

Two important fields of our research and development activities are acoustics and ergonomics. We are continuously improving our solutions and services, so that they can have a positive impact on the health of our end users and the efficiency of companies.

Human in the centre of attention


We apply the highest Occupational Health and Safety standards (based on the PN-N 18001 and OHSAS 18001 standards)

We build a safety culture in our factories, e.g. by running the Potentially Accidental Events program and educating employees in the OHS Centre.


We invest in improving working conditions at the workstations that are exposed to hazards.

We promote physical activity. At our Sports Club, employees train regularly and take part in competitions in three sports disciplines.


We support employees who are innovative and willing to learn. We provide them with the right conditions for personal development: we offer work tools and the possibility to take part in internal and external training courses. We also use our Employee Suggestion Program to promote the best ideas.

Chosen social initiatives

Patronage over the Educational and Musical Programs

In order to support young people full of passion and enthusiasm for classical music, we took patronage over the Educational and Musical Programs at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice. In 2016, we supported the organisation of 55 courses and workshops for 1,379 participants and 103 concerts that brought together 31,690 guests.

Janusz Korczak Foundation

For many years our scholarship program has been run by the Janusz Korczak Foundation, the creators of which are Nowy Styl Group’s founders themselves. 58 pupils and students from the Sub-Carpathian region used the program in 2016. We subsidise tuition at universities, but also training courses that help young people be admitted to university. Among our scholarship holders, there is a great number of future doctors, lawyers, teachers and computer specialists.

Charity Ball

Every year our New Year’s event is attended by approx. 1,000 children from Sub-Carpathian educational care centres and family-type children’s homes. Every year we give the institutions that participate in the ball St. Nicholas Day gift packages – depending on their wishes, the packages include household appliances, audio devices, tourist and sports equipment, or funds for trips and courses for children.

Nowy Styl’s social responsibility strategy is a rare case in Poland of a local approach to global challenges. Nowy Styl was established as a local company and it was slowly becoming mature enough for global responsibility. I truly believe that by analysing the stages of its development, students at the management faculty and future business leaders will be able to understand that the implementation of solutions involving stakeholders and responding to specific needs and social problems has a huge influence on the quality of social capital, enhancing values associated with cooperation and realisation of the common weal.

Director at the Business Ethics and Social Innovations Centre, Leon Koźmiński Academy

Sustainable development report

We are handing you a new social report compiled by Nowy Styl. In this document we try to clearly show the progress our organisation has made in the area of sustainable development in the last two years.

Every day we act according to a defined mission that always concentrates on people. It is those people for whom we realise our projects in order to make their workplaces healthier and more comfortable. At the same time, we create a strong and ethical organisation for which development also means the development of its employees and the communities in which it operates. We know that our activity has a huge impact on the natural environment; that’s why we constantly work on reducing our influence and undertake different actions that aim to neutralise it with future generations in mind.

On the pages of this report, we show in detail how we have taken into consideration the rules of sustainable development when implementing internal changes. We also present a detailed summary of the promises we made in the previous report.

We warmly invite you to read the report carefully!

Management Board of Nowy Styl

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