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We help students build cars of the future

Supported by Nowy Styl Group, the students from Krosno have built a super-ecological vehicle. This year, at the beginning of July, the "Piła" car will take part in the Shell Eco-marathon competition organised in London. Next year, the young constructors from the Netherlands who we also support will compete in a similar event.

The "Piła" car, which has been designed and built by students from the State Higher Vocational School in Krosno, is a racing car prototype that will take part in the London marathon for the third time. The event with a long-standing tradition is held under the patronage of the Shell company. It combines young people's passion for construction with care for the natural environment. The aim the teams from around the world have to reach is to create a vehicle that will cover as many kilometres as possible using only one litre of fuel, e.g. petrol, gas or ethanol.

The Krosno team "Rotor" is getting better and better every year. – During our debut in the competition, we managed to cover 133 km using one litre of ethanol, while a year later we covered 306 km. Also this time we are going to improve our result – says Tomasz Kosztyła, lecturer at the State Higher Vocational School in Krosno and supervisor of the Student Scientific Circle "Rotor." The chances are great because the vehicle has been significantly improved in comparison with the previous year, e.g. it has been "slimmed down" by about 10%.

From the very beginning, the project has been financially supported by Nowy Styl Group. Its advocate is Tomasz Bardzik, Operational Director at the company. – I have noticed the students' and lecturers' passion and engagement in the project. Their work has resulted in a huge sports and media success that is combined with great fun. It is also nice to observe how the "Piła" project is gathering more and more people and triggering lots of positive emotions – concludes Bardzik.

Bolid "Piła" zbudowany dzięki wsparciu Grupy Nowy Styl

This is confirmed by Tomasz Kosztyła: – When we started the construction of the vehicle, the project involved between ten and twenty students of technical faculties. Today, our team consists of over 30 people with different skills, including those who take care of legal issues, the organisation of our trip to London or marketing.

The marathon will be held on 5th–7th July. – I hope that "Piła" will have a big appetite for success – says Tomasz Bardzik, who will be following not only the students from Krosno, but also the students from the Dutch region Twente who have designed the RED Shift racing car. In October 2019 the vehicle will once again take part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, which is a solar-powered car race held in Australia every two years. During the competition, participants have to cover a distance of 3,000 km using public roads within no more than 6 days.

Studenci z Twente od kilku lat pracują nad samochodem zasilanym energią słoneczną

Last year the Solar Team won 5th place. In October 2019 they are going to improve the result and refer to the historical success achieved in 2015 when their prototype covered with 6 m2 of solar panels crossed the finishing line as the second vehicle, only 3 minutes after the winning team.

The company Rohde & Grahl, which belongs to Nowy Styl Group, has been supporting the Dutch students in their works on the car of the future. – We learned about the project a few years ago during our cooperation with the University of Twente, where the Solar Team comes from. We were amazed at the innovative character of the vehicle and the enthusiasm of the students who designed it. We are happy to support the project because education of young people combined with their development is one of the priorities of our CSR policy – says Edith Andriesen, Marketing and Communication Specialist at Rohde & Grahl.

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