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  • An office tailored to your expectations. Backstage of the successful cooperation between LPP and Nowy Styl

An office tailored to your expectations. Backstage of the successful cooperation between LPP and Nowy Styl

LPP, a Polish fashion company, delivers the best quality and expects the same. With office design, they go for flexibility and top-quality solutions. As it is, Nowy Styl offers both, and that’s why it has already designed and arranged three offices for LPP. The latest project, the office in Kraków, has just been completed, but it seems it is not the end of this successful collaboration.

LPP, a company founded by  Marek Piechocki, owns as many as five fashion brands – Reserved, Mohito, Cropp, House and Sinsay –  which is why it offers a wide portfolio of apparel dedicated to various groups of customers. On the other hand, Nowy Styl,  owned by Adam and Jerzy Krzanowski, can customise its furniture solutions and adapt them to the partner’s individual needs and expectations. And this is exactly what we did for LPP and their new office in Kraków. And it does not end with Kraków, either, because the arrangement of the company seat in the Małopolska region is part of a larger project and a long-standing cooperation, which started a few years ago.

Brand new solutions

As  Łukasz Piwoński, Administrative Director at LPP, recalls, the first facility to be fully arranged with Nowy Styl furniture was the Investment Department office in Gdańsk. The project was completed successfully and smoothly, which quickly led to the next stage of this collaboration – this time we arranged the office for the Logistic Department in Pruszcz Gdański.


 We have a wide range of needs. On the one hand, we need typical office furniture, while on the other hand, we are looking for some rare equipment especially for fashion designers, technologists and other creative jobs – explains Łukasz Piwoński– Office furniture companies usually offer a standard choice of solutions, such as desks, wardrobes, lockers or shelves. Each time Nowy Styl offered a flexible response to our needs, immediately adapting their furniture to specific requirements. They often had to redesign their products, thus offering us a series of brand new solutions. This is how they came up with tables for preparing specific garment patterns or for designing clothes, or shelves for exhibiting individual product prototypes in tens or hundreds of pieces – he says.

Where details matter

A similar procedure was adopted for the arrangement of the latest LPP division in Kraków. It was an office for product departments, but also the commercial and design department of two brands – House and Mohito. The office was supposed to provide space for teams of four to ten people each, which automatically triggered the need for desk compositions of different sizes. Thanks to the flexible approach of Nowy Styl, it was possible to choose the individual elements, so as to avoid double desk legs, which is why we managed to save a lot of space underneath. -  Smaller wardrobes required special rails for hangers, while other pieces of furniture  needed reinforcement when we knew they would be used to store heavier garments. Sometimes even the smallest details were important. In one model we needed a lath on top, which would prevent the hangers from falling. Nowy Styl offered the perfect solution  – Łukasz Piwoński shares the details of our backstage work on the project.


Ergonomics, durability and looks

All of these practical changes did not affect the aesthetic aspect of the furniture - as you may guess, this is one of the essentials for a fashion company. During the arrangement of each office Sebastian Osuch, Sales Director for Regional Cities at Nowy Styl, had the opportunity to learn more about the vision and values of LPP.


– The company is on the lookout for the best specialists on the market to hire them. This is done to guarantee the best quality. And the best quality is possible only when the employees have appropriate conditions to make the most of their talent and knowledge. That’s why the company also expects the partner chosen for the office arrangement project to ensure the best quality, focusing on advanced ergonomics, durability and aesthetic value of proposed furniture. The three projects we have already completed together prove that Nowy Styl does indeed deliver the best quality – says Sebastian Osuch, Sales Director for Regional Cities at Nowy Styl.

More than 15 thousand m2 of space

The upcoming projects include the Shared Service Centre in Pruszcz Gdański and the expanded LPP headquarters in Gdańsk. Both of these projects cover a total of more than 15 thousand m2 of space, which - just like the previous offices – will have to be tailored to the client’s expectations. – Assuming that the quality and flexibility presented by Nowy Styl remain unchanged, these investments will definitely not be our last joint projects – announces Łukasz Piwoński.

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