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Changes in the Office Inspiration Centre: discover our unique Connect&Create zone

- You could say this space is our manifesto. You will find courage and innovation here – this is how the designers describe the new Connect & Create zone in our Office Inspiration Centre in Krakow. But this is not the only change in this facility. See what else is new.

Office Inspiration Centre (OIC) in Krakow has been operating since autumn 2017. The facility was designed to showcase our latest product solutions designed for offices. It was also supposed to be a place where Nowy Styl could implement its own concepts related to workspace arrangement. This latter aspect was the key driver of the recent changes in the building.

Result of joint effort

- We have known from the beginning that we would like to experiment a lot while changing the layout of the facility. Being one of the European leaders in this sector, with our own Workspace Research and Consulting department, and having completed numerous complex and demanding projects, we are ready not only to follow the existing rules for office design, but also to come up with new ones, based on our observations and experience of working with many clients and experts – explains Dominika Kukieła, interior designer at Nowy Styl and head of the project team responsible for the refurbishing. Other members of this team are e.g. workspace consultants, product trainers and sales reps, because in order to achieve the desired result, we needed to know many different points of view. Interdisciplinary work is one of the basic operational rules at Nowy Styl, as the interior designer duly notes.

An office like a coffee shop

Most of Level 0 was refurbished. This is the first point of contact for OIC visitors. A large, light hall includes two distinct zones: on the left of the entrance there is the Meet & Greet zone, while on the right you have the Talk & Tell zone. The former is a place where you greet your guests and make the first introductions. You will definitely notice a large 9500 table with hockers as well as Creva sofas. All of these products are part of the Kusch+Co portfolio. This brand joined Nowy Styl last year. - The entire idea behind the refurbishing was based on Kusch+Co products. This is how we wanted to show the contribution this brand has made by adding their solutions to our portfolio– explains the author of the whole project.  The Talk & Tell zone with a coffee bar and Lupino furniture is there for you to chill out and regain your strength between important meetings, workshops or during a conference break.

Meet & Greet
Talk & Tell

However, the highlight of the hall is an exposition with sofas designed by Luigi Colani – a legendary designer famous for his bold, visionary concepts. - The sofas were designed in the late 1960s and were ahead of their times. A few decades passed before this kind of design was understood and appreciated. This is to prove that both Colani and Kusch+Co were rather open to experiments, which perfectly matched the assumptions and ideas behind the changes we envisaged – says Dominika Kukieła. - When we look at the entire composition of products in the hall – as well as multiple plants and all the warm colours – we can see that contemporary offices are more and more often inspired by other sectors, mainly hospitality. Such solutions are found in coffee shops or hotels. This is a good thing, because an office is no longer associated with stiff and formal rows of desks – she adds. 


Work as you like it

After being greeted in the hall, the guests move on to the Connect & Create zone. This is a brand new space, based on the unique design developed by the Nowy Styl specialists. It is composed of three parts – the Creva table with a collection of various chairs and seats, an island made of sofas from the same line and a high countertop with hockers. The key feature of this zone is flexibility. In this place, you are free to choose between various parts of the zone – and organise a more or less formal setting to work individually or in a group – but also to pick the type or colour of the seat you like the most.


A typical working zone usually offers no choice, so we all use identical furniture. We decided to include an element of fun. For example, we placed various types of seats around the Creva table: you will find chairs, stools and even a bench here, all of them made of various materials and in multiple colour options. When choosing a place you like the most, you gain more energy and motivation to work, because you boost your comfort from the beginning – explains the designer. She adds that the Connect & Create zone is a perfect place to complete individual micro-stages of a project, which usually involve a brief but intense focus period.

Check it out!

– You could say this space is our manifesto. The design embodies courage and innovation. We want to encourage our guests to test it and see whether it lives up to their expectations. We believe it will come as a pleasant surprise, because it is a giant step towards effective work in a nice and comfortable setting – this is how Dominika Kukieła would like to invite you to visit the OIC.            

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